Apollo Command Service Module Artifacts

Below are artifacts related to the Apollo spacecraft Command Service Module. Click on the item for more details.



Flight Director Attitude Indicator, FLOWN to lunar orbit on Apollo 15

Flight Director Attitude Indicator

Rotation Control, FLOWN to lunar orbit on Apollo 14

Rotation Control (inside), FLOWN to lunar orbit on Apollo 15

Translation Control

Couch mounts for Translation and Rotation Controls (armrests)


Apollo Tool Kit, FLOWN to the Moon on Apollo 13

(New 2022)


Communications Carrier Electronic Module (CCEM) (headset), worn by Gene Cernan on Apollo 17

Lithium Hydroxide canister


Service Module and Lunar Module Reaction Control System (RCS) thruster

(for reference only)

Service Module RCS fuel tank

Block I Panel 200

(for reference only)

Block I Panel 25

(for reference only)

Storage locker A1

Mirror and mount (with cover)

Panel 276

Electrical Umbilical, including FLOWN items

(for reference only)

Dual vertical scale meter

Event indicator

Dual scale meter

Valve position indicator

Storage locker A3

Storage locker U4

(for reference only)

Overlay panel

Aft (hatch) window cover

Left hand rendezvous window cover

Left hand side window cover

(for reference only)


Pouch for docking hatch

(for reference only)

Pouch for sample return container

Camera bracket

Propellant Ports

Saturn LM Adapter Optical Target Scales

Water Dispenser and Bracket

Apollo Food Packages and Meal Package

Scimitar Antenna (VHF Omnidirectional Antenna) (for reference only)

apollo med kit5 150

Apollo Medical Kit


Apollo Penlight (Flashlight)

(for reference only)


Apollo Survival Kit water container


Apollo Hatch Counterbalance Pressurized Cylinders


Restraint Strap


Hatch Jackscrew

NASA photo

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