Apollo Translation Control
  • Controls spacecraft movement along three axes: up/down, left/right, and forward/aft.
  • Used mainly for docking the Command Module with the Lunar Module.
  • The T-handle could also be rotated 17 degrees clockwise (CW) or counterclockwise (CCW). A rotation CW would switch to backup guidance during launch. A rotation CCW would activate the launch escape rocket, separating the Command Module from the Saturn launch vehicle in a launch abort.
  • A sliding lever arms the control (allows handle movement), or locks it.
  • A machined socket allows mounting on a couch armrest.
  • NASA photo shows a similar Translation Control in Apollo 16.
  • X-ray image reveals some internal features.

6 lbs. (2.7 kg)


X-ray image of the Apollo Translation Control reveals some of its inner workings, although the numerous metal parts mask some of its features. Visible features include paired microswitches and associated wires, as well as springs. (Many thanks to the friendly staff at A-Lab Corp. in Dayton, Ohio for their non-destructive testing services.)

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