FLOWN Apollo 13 Tool Kit
  • Complete Apollo Crewman Toolset or Tool Kit.
  • FLOWN on the Apollo 13 “successful failure” lunar mission April 11-17, 1970.
  • On August 13, 1970 the kit was transferred to the Apollo Egress Trainer, Boilerplate BP 1102A, for use in water egress training by later Apollo mission crews.
  • Pouch is about 13 inches wide and 25 inches long.
  • While in use for training, tools likely came into contact with water which contributed to rusting of some tools.
  • Over the years of training use, two original tools appear to have been replaced with similar items. At  a minimum any tool with the “Class III” sticker is most likely original to the flown kit (9 of the 14 tools in addition to the pouch).
  • The flown pouch displays considerable wear to the Beta cloth fabric from flight use and training use, as well as rust stains from the affected tools.
  • See more details and a tool inventory.

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Apollo Crewman Toolset is shown at left above with tools resting on their pockets on the pouch. At right, the outside of the pouch shows the “Tool Kit” label as well as stains from rusted tools.



The Apollo Tool Kit pouch was rolled and stowed in an aft locker of the Command Module. While in flight the pouch would be opened and placed on a locker or the cabin wall using the Velcro or snaps. Tools would be used for routine mechanical adjustments or for emergencies.



The “Class III Not For Flight” sticker would have been applied when the flown tools were downgraded for general training use. Above, a close-up view of Tool B shows its sticker as well as signs of use.

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