FLOWN Apollo Rotation Control
  • Rotation Control (RC) for controlling the spacecraft attitude. (Also called attitude controller or rotation hand control.)
  • Flown to lunar orbit as part of the Apollo 14 Command Module (CM).
  • Was installed as RC1, mounted to the right of the center couch.
  • Handle pivots at the palm for pitch up/down, through the center of the handle for yaw left/right, and inside the housing for roll left/right (see illustration at lower right).
  • Levers in front of the handle lock the handle or unlock it for operation.
  • Trigger switch activates astronaut’s headset microphone.
  • NASA replaced the original flown grip with the spare grip now in place.
  • Retains the original tamper seals on two screws (on side and bottom), indicating integrity of the unit.
  • Removed from the Apollo 14 CM for use as a spare for Apollo missions to the Skylab space station (removal authorized 8-9-1972).
  • Modified with “internal mechanical interface material changes to preclude stress corrosion” (Rockwell specification ME901-0704-0802).
  • Honeywell Part No. CG166H8, Rockwell spec. ME901-0704-0702, Serial No. 10028AAK1056, Manufacture Date 7 April 1969.
  • Modification Identification: Honeywell Part No. CG166H9, Rockwell spec. ME901-0704-0802, Acceptance Date 6-15-73.

10 lbs. (4.5 kg)

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