Apollo Food
  • Four packages of dehydrated food and a meal package as used on the Apollo Program.
  • Packages include Ham and Applesauce, Grapefruit Drink, Sausage Patties, and another Grapefruit Drink.
  • Water from the Water Dispenser would be inserted through the tube at the end of each package.
  • A yellow germicide tablet would be mixed with any leftover food to prevent growth of bacteria.
  • A small Velcro square kept the food packet in place while in space. It was color coded for the individual astronaut - red for the commander, white for the Command Module Pilot, and blue for the Lunar Module Pilot.
  • Note that hot water would be added to the food packages, and cold water to the beverage packages. Unlike the earlier Gemini spacecraft, Apollo had hot water available as well as cold water.

Sausage: 0.14 lbs (63 g)

Grapefruit Drink, Large: 0.15 lbs (68g); Small: 0.09 lbs (40g)

Ham and Applesauce: 0.11 lbs (50g)

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