Spacecraft Artifacts
Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Lunar Module, Space Shuttle Artifacts
  • Spacecraft parts used in flight, in astronaut training, for testing, or as flight spares.
  • Precision made and tested for the demands of the spaceflight environment.
  • Contact Us about historical spacecraft artifacts in our collection that are not shown.

Weight is often critical for spaceflight items. Look for the weight of each artifact to judge the cost in resources to launch it into space.

Some examples of the artifacts in our display collection.

Artifacts for rental

The artifacts in our display collection are not for sale, but are available for rental to institutions such as museums and schools. The artifacts must be fully insured and protected from damage.

The artifacts include items flown on Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle missions, as well as many test and flight spare items.

Contact Us for rental rates and availability.

Artifacts for sale

In addition to the items in our display collection which are available for rental, certain artifacts and other items are for sale. These may now be purchased directly on-line through Historic Space Systems and PayPal.

Most items are unique or in very limited quantities. See the items currently available.

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