Apollo Saturn LM Adapter Optical Targets
  • Complete set of four optical target scales used in aligning the Saturn Lunar Module Adapter (SLA) during stacking on the Saturn V or Saturn 1B launch vehicle.
  • The crew operating the crane would sight the scales through telescopes, which would reverse the image to show the numbers correctly.
  • The scales would be removed before flight.
  • The “-Z” scale can be seen in the Apollo 12 stacking NASA photo below, as well as the Apollo 10 stacking NASA photo.
  • The scales have obvious signs of use, perhaps from more than one Apollo launch.

TBD lbs. (TBD kg)

Photo above shows the Apollo 12 spacecraft being raised to the top of the Saturn V launch vehicle. A SLA alignment optical target can be seen at the base of the SLA, above the LM leg (see enlargement below). Note the large white “-Z” orientation marking at the top of the launch vehicle. (NASA photo)


Similar to the Apollo 12 stacking photo, the NASA photo above shows the Apollo 10 spacecraft being prepared for stacking on the Saturn V launch vehicle on February 6, 1969. Two SLA alignment optical targets can be seen at the base of the SLA. Enlargement below shows the target on the left, with the “-Z” marking clearly visible. (NASA photo)


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