Apollo Service Module RCS Tank
  • Titanium fuel tank for the Reaction Control System (RCS) of the Apollo Service Module.
  • Helium pressurizing gas pushed against flexible bladders in the fuel and oxidizer tanks to force the weightless propellants out of the tanks. (The bladder has been removed from this tank.)
  • Photos show the tank with its probe assembly installed and removed, and views of each end of the probe assembly.
  • Exploded view (NASA graphic) shows the components and complete assembly of the tank.
  • Cutaway view shows placement of RCS tanks in the Apollo Service Module (showing two of the four sets installed).
  • Made by Bell Aerosystems Company, “TANK (N2H4/UDMH) POSITIVE EXPULSION,” dated 6/66, North American specification ME282-0008-000X (last digit unreadable).

7 lbs. (3 kg)







SM RCS propellant tank600

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