Apollo Command Module Mirror
  • Mirror and articulating mounting arm.
  • Mounted to the left of the commander and to the right of the LM pilot.
  • Apollo 17 photo shows a similar mirror assembly forward of the left side window (NASA photo).
  • Beta cloth cover protected the mirror before flight.
  • During the Apollo 13 mission astronaut Jim Lovell is believed to have first noticed venting from the Service Module by viewing through the left side window with this type of mirror.
  • The mirror would be used to view areas of the cabin difficult to see when seated in the couch, especially when wearing a space suit, as well as viewing the astronaut’s space suit fittings.

0.91 lbs. (0.41 kg)


NASA photo of the area to the left of the Commander in the Apollo 17 Command Module after the final lunar mission. Arrow indicates location of the articulating mirror assembly forward of the side window, with a bracket (to the right of the arrow) restraining the arms of the assembly when not in use.

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