Apollo Lunar Module Artifacts

Below are artifacts related to the Apollo Lunar Module spacecraft. Click on the item for more details.




FLOWN Crewman Optical Alignment Sight (COAS)

(for reference only)


Lunar Surface Sensing Probe


Apollo Service Module and Lunar Module RCS thruster

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(for reference only)

RCS Plume Deflector

Environmental Control System Relay Box

Control panel switches

Tracking Light housing

Lithium Hydroxide Canister

Water pressure regulator

Suit water connector

Signal Strength meter

LM Descent Engine Throttle Meter

Pouch for Hasselblad camera

Pouch for 70mm film magazines

RCS heater element

Waste fluid collector bag

Biocide wipe in package

Cold plate assembly

Landing gear spring assembly

Armrest damper assembly

Articulated Bellows from Descent Propulsion System oxidizer line

Water Shutoff Valve (in bag)

Helium Explosive Valve

Propellant Port

Interstage Disconnect

Fuel Manifold Disconnect Coupling

Water Couplings

NASA photo

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