RCS Plume Deflector

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  • Mounted on Lunar Module (LM) Descent Stage, below each group of Ascent Stage Reaction Control System (RCS) thrusters.
  • 4 total similar plume deflectors per LM.
  • Protected surface of LM from excess heat during extended thruster firings.
  • Made from layers of 0.00125” thick Inconel 600 foil, 0.0005” thick annealed bright rolled nickel foil, and Inconel knit wire.
  • Finished with black Pyromark paint on front, and aluminum pigmented Sicon on back.

4.9 lbs. (2.2 kg)

This type of plume deflector can be seen at the center of this NASA photo of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module, above astronaut Aldrin.

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