LM Switches
  • Control panel toggle switches from the Lunar Module.
  • Three switches at left are lever lock switches. The lever must be pulled to move the switch. Only the left-most switch has a switch tip or cap installed.
  • The other two lever lock switches, and the two standard lever switches, do not have tips installed.
  • Flight ready switch tips were made with radioluminescent material encapsulated inside a clear plastic.
  • The tips radiated a small amount of light, and created a small radiation hazard. Because of the radiation hazard the tips were installed late in the assembly sequence.
  • Beta cloth bag at right (in photo below) was placed behind the switch at installation to protect the rubber at each wire connection to prevent a fire such as in the Apollo 1 accident.
  • Command Module designers solved the fire hazard problem using a coating on the wires. See Panel 276.

Also see:

Command Module wiring example: Panel 276.

Smallest switch assembly shown:

0.13 lbs. (0.059 kg)

Largest switch assembly shown:

0.28 lbs. (0.18 kg)

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