LM LiOH Canister

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  • Lithium hydroxide (LiOH) canister used in the Lunar Module Environmental Control System.
  • Also known as a carbon dioxide absorber element, or scrubber.
  • Contains lithium hydroxide to absorb carbon dioxide, and carbon to remove odors from the cabin air (see cutaway view).
  • Apollo 15 Stowage List indicates two canisters of this type were used for the mission (typical for Apollo missions).
  • Identical to flight units, but designated for “GROUND TEST ONLY.”
  • In original packaging (including amber-colored Kapton tape).

13 lbs. (6 kg)

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LiOH canister for the Command Module (and comparison below):

Top of canister, with painted black/white index mark (lower right), packaging removal warning tags, and red “GROUND TEST ONLY” stamp.

The larger, heavier Lunar Module LiOH canister compared with the Command Module canister.

lioh lm diagram

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