Apollo 13 Tool Kit Details
  • More information about the flown Apollo 13 Tool Kit.
  • Enlarged view of tools resting on the pouch.
  • Enlarged view of outside of the pouch.
  • Two tools in this kit that are different from other flown Apollo tool kits.
  • Tool Kit part and serial numbers.
  • Also see detailed views of the tools.



Tool Variations

Two of the tools in the kit are probably not flown, but only used in training. Apollo_13_toolkit_wrench_600


This tool kit Tool F adjustable wrench (above, with black handle) differs from the Apollo 11 Tool F. The wrench part number (V16-601310) indicates it is probably from early in the Apollo Program. While similar in function, the light weight early tool is probably not as strong as the later tool. (Apollo 11 Tool F photo by NASM)




This tool kit Tool E (at left above) has a black plastic handle. This design is probably also from early in the Apollo Program. The Apollo 11 Tool E at right has a blue aluminum handle. (Apollo 11 Tool E photo by NASM)


Tool Kit Part Number and Serial Number

When the flown tool kit was downgraded for use in training, the original part number and serial number were blocked. (The V36-601517 seen here is the part number for the pouch, not the tool kit assembly.) However, this information was added at the bottom right of the outside of the pouch. This information matches records of the Apollo 13 tool kit.Apollo_13_toolkit_label_detail_600


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