Apollo 13 Tool Kit Tool Details

Below, Apollo Operations Handbook illustration of the Apollo Crewman Toolset (Tool H, 10 inch driver, is not included in most tool kit assemblies, including this Apollo 13 Tool Kit).



Detailed Views of the Tools

The three Jackscrews would be used to secure the side hatch if the locking mechanism were to fail, or if the hatch became warped while open in space.

These Jackscrews suffered the most corrosion. The 4340 low alloy steel parts exhibit significant rust, while the beryllium-copper of the wingnuts display the characteristic green oxidation. Corrosion inhibitor has been applied to all affected tools.

Jackscrew 1:Apollo_13_toolkit_jackscrew1_1_600

Jackscrew 2:Apollo_13_toolkit_jackscrew2_1_600

Jackscrew 3:Apollo_13_toolkit_jackscrew3_2_600

Tether (to secure an attached tool to the astronaut in zero-g) :Apollo_13_toolkit_tether_1_600

Tools L and V:Apollo_13_toolkit_tools_L_V_1_600

Tools 1, 2, 3 and 4:Apollo_13_toolkit_tools_1_2_3_4_1_600

Tool B:Apollo_13_toolkit_tool_B_1_600

Tool W:Apollo_13_toolkit_tool_W_1_600

Tool R:Apollo_13_toolkit_tool_R_1_600

Tool F:Apollo_13_toolkit_tool_F_2_600

Tool E:Apollo_13_toolkit_tool_E_1_600


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