For Sale: Space Shuttle Simulator Avionics


Alpha Mach Indicator (AMI)


Attitude Director Indicator (ADI)


Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI)


Altitude Vertical Velocity Indicator (AVVI)

  • Actual instruments used by Space Shuttle astronauts in training.
  • As-removed from high fidelity Space Shuttle simulators.
  • Thousands of hours of use.
  • Include United Space Alliance (USA) inventory and identification tags (contractor for Space Shuttle support). (NASA property tags have been removed by NASA.)
  • Sold as-is and as a collectible; may or may not be suitable for simulator use.
  • Extremely limited quantities.
  • Photos at left are representative of the items - see the detailed pages for the actual artifacts, and to order.
  • These items were obtained as surplus from NASA.
  • Due to government export restrictions, these items may be sold only within the United States.

NASA photos below show the use of similar gauges in the Shuttle Mission Simulator (SMS). First, astronauts John Young and Bob Crippen train for the first Space Shuttle mission, STS-1. Second, astronaut Crippen uses the simulator gauges. Third, astronauts Brian Duffy and Winston Scott discuss procedures in the simulator in preparation for their flight in 1995.

To the left in the instrument group is the AMI, to the right is the AVVI, at center top is the ADI, and at center bottom is the HSI.


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