For Sale: Shuttle Sim ADI
  • Attitude Director Indicator (ADI) artifact as-removed from a high fidelity Space Shuttle simulator.
  • Displays attitude and attitude rate in yaw, roll, and pitch, with yellow director needles for display of desired attitude.
  • Includes United Space Alliance (USA) inventory and identification tags on top (contractor for Space Shuttle support).
  • The back of the unit has mechanical and electronic adjustments for the displays.
  • Originally acquired with a NASA disposition sticker on the glass, which was then removed.
  • Note that the sticker identifies the unit as “Indicator, Attitude FDAI LM,” which, along with the configuration of the unit, indicates its heritage as related to the Apollo Lunar Module (see description of a similar unit in our collection).
  • Sold as-is and as a collectible; may or may not be suitable for simulator use. (In the photo below, the bluish coloring over the glass is a reflection and is not present on the part.)
  • See related artifacts for more information.
  • The interior of this unit is similar to the interior of the unit in our display collection.
  • Extremely rare Space Shuttle Program artifact.
  • Obtained as surplus from NASA.
  • Due to government export restrictions, this item may be sold only within the United States.



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