For Sale: Shuttle Sim AVVI
  • Altitude Vertical Velocity Indicator (AVVI) artifact as-removed from a high fidelity Space Shuttle simulator.
  • Displays altitude and altitude rate of the shuttle.
  • Includes United Space Alliance (USA) inventory and identification tags on back (contractor for Space Shuttle support).
  • Originally acquired with a NASA disposition sticker on the glass, which was then removed.
  • Counter indicates 1593 hours of simulator and bench testing use.
  • Sold as-is and as a collectible; may or may not be suitable for simulator use. (In the photo below, the bluish coloring over the glass is a reflection and is not present on the part. A slight chipping of the glass on its inside surface is evident in the upper right corner of the glass. Red case coloration appears to be a primer rather than rust.)
  • See related artifacts for more information.
  • The inside of this unit would be similar to the inside of the AVVI unit in our display collection.
  • Extremely rare Space Shuttle Program artifact.
  • Obtained as surplus from NASA.
  • Due to government export restrictions, this item may be sold only within the United States.

Price: SOLD


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