Simulation Software by Historic Space Systems

Historic Space Systems now offers simulation software to complement our exhibits.

We put the same passion for realism and historical accuracy found in our high fidelity exhibits, into realistic simulations with your visitors in command!

This is how we make our software-based simulations (see photos):

  • We create a detailed computer model of the spacecraft using actual spacecraft engineering drawings.
  • We combine many detailed photographs of the spacecraft and other surfaces to make a realistic finish for the model.
  • When the finish is applied to the model it looks identical to the real spacecraft.
  • Views through the hatch window are realistic since the model is based on the actual blueprints. (The simulation is actually viewing through the hatch window of the model.)
  • Simulation authoring software brings life to the models. Movement, lighting, physical reactions, and other elements are programmed into the simulation. The result is a feeling of being there.

We can use this same technique to make your next exhibit. The simulation software can be integrated into an enclosure (as we have done with other simulations) or a simple kiosk. Contact us to discuss your needs.

For more information about our simulations:

Gemini Docking Sim
Gemini Spacewalk Sim
Lunar Landing Sim

For more about our exhibit design technique:

The outer shell of the Gemini reentry module for the Gemini Space Walk Simulation is shown. The computer model is textured with a realistic finish, and combined with many other elements to complete the simulation.

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