Gemini IV Space Walk Simulation

We are all familiar with the iconic images of Ed White as he makes America’s first space walk on Gemini IV...

...Now your museum visitors can experience it from his point of view.

Watch the simulation in motion.

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“... It’s a huge hit!”

The historical accuracy of the program details combined with a compelling interactive display has made the Gemini IV Spacewalk Simulation both an educational and entertaining experience for our visitors. It’s a huge hit!

- Sandor Cohen, Museum Curator, Lyndon B. Johnson Library & Museum








NASA photo of astronaut Ed White inside Gemini IV during launch preparations. Compare with the simulation scenes above.

Walking in Astronaut’s Shoes

From within the tight confines of the Gemini spacecraft, your hatch opens, and the universe is at your doorstep.

You begin a walk unlike any other, as you float high above oceans and continents. Your maneuvering gun helps you move around the spacecraft, but it has its limitations. You are used to a world with gravity and resistance. Here, inertia is everything.

Astronaut Ed White was the first American to accomplish an EVA (extravehicular activity) in 1965, preceding those who followed through Apollo, Space Shuttle, and International Space Station. Each one has been a unique challenge. But none more than the first.

With the Gemini IV spacecraft modeled to the extreme inside and out, your visitors will feel they’ve entered a time machine. Every detail of the control panel, cabin, and hatches is visible. And the exterior captures every bolt and groove.

And just as Ed White had to return to the cockpit before he was ready, your visitor will get the call to “get back in!” Once inside the crowded virtual cockpit, your hatch closes, and you continue your mission....


  • Visitors experience the difficulty in moving outside a spacecraft, and get a taste of the beauty that surrounds them in earth orbit.
  • Great for projection onto a large screen, and well suited for integration into a cockpit enclosure by Historic Space Systems.
  • Uses a standard arcade style joystick for control.
  • Maneuvering gun thrust plumes help the visitor see the thrust applied (in real life it was invisible).
  • Voice prompts from the command pilot and Mission Control instruct the visitor.
  • A rotating bird’s eye view of the Gemini and the space walking astronaut helps orient the visitor.
  • Software design by Historic Space Systems.
  • Created with a passion for realism and historical accuracy, using our unique approach to building spacecraft exhibits.
  • Hundreds of McDonnell engineering drawings referenced for outstanding realism.

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