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Historic Space Systems has acquired thousands of engineering drawings, or blueprints, of historic US manned spacecraft detailing control panels, hatches, seats, structures, and other features.

  • The same drawings used in making the actual spacecraft.
  • Reveal the exact dimensions and configuration of each part of the spacecraft.

We use the drawings in our unique archive to design exhibits with exceptional detail and accuracy. Vehicles currently documented include:

  • Mercury
  • Gemini
  • Apollo Command Module and Service Module
  • Lunar  Module
  • Lunar Roving Vehicle
  • Space Shuttle
  • Manned Maneuvering Unit used in early Space Shuttle operations.

The results of this design technique can be seen in our high fidelity exhibits, software simulations, and simulator enclosures. Note the accurate details and dimensions in these exhibits, made possible through the extensive use of spacecraft engineering drawings.

The high fidelity Space Shuttle Flight Station exhibit references hundreds of actual Space Shuttle drawings.

The Gemini and Agena spacecraft modeled in the Gemini Docking Simulator were designed from over 150 McDonnell drawings.

The Lunar Landing Simulator was designed using over 200 Grumman drawings.

Some Information Kits may also be available which reference some of these drawings.

Other than these Information Kits,  the drawings and other data in our archive are used internally and are generally not made available to others.

Other projects referencing engineering drawings:

In the Works

Above, a portion of a Grumman engineering drawing of the Lunar Module window frame structure. This blueprint and others were used to design the computer-machined window in our Lunar Landing Simulator (below).

Rotating Picture

The above images are portions of actual spacecraft engineering drawings in our archive which we use to design our exhibits. The images shown are listed below (if the drawings do not appear go here):

"Equipment Installation - Cabin #13" (Mercury) (McDonnell)

"Panel Assy - Instrument Display" (Gemini) (McDonnell)

"Gear Box Assembly - Manual Drive Unit, Unified Hatch" (Apollo) (North American Aviation)

"Installation (10-7-4) Landing Gear" (Lunar Module) (Grumman)

"Crew Station Instl - Lunar Roving Vehicle" (Boeing)

"Final Assembly Crew Seat, Space Shuttle" (AMI Industries)

Other pages with engineering drawings:

Spacecraft handbook illustrations are not as detailed as the engineering drawings, but they also have helpful information about the spacecraft.

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