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Gemini control panel movie prop by Historic Space Systems as seen in Universal Studios production of “First Man,” the story of astronaut Neil Armstrong. (Screen shot from Universal Studios trailer.)


The 2024 Netflix science fiction film “Spaceman” features Adam Sandler in a compelling serious role. Numerous pouches, lockers, and other artifacts were loaned for the project. About half of the ship’s cockpit consists of panels and gauges from the Historic Space Systems Space Shuttle Forward Cockpit, including nearly all of the items seen here. (Screen shot from Netflix film.)

You have signed the best dramatic talent to fit your story. Now complete the job by getting the best movie props.

  • Custom fabrication or movie prop rental for motion picture and commercial producers.
  • Add impact and realism to  space themed projects.

See how we can help you create the atmosphere you need for your message.

Spacecraft cockpits with compelling realism:

Panels used in the film “Spaceman” by Netflix

Historically accurate working control panel simulations:


Used in the film “First Man” by Universal Studios

Control panels depicting any subject:

Control Panels

Actual spacecraft parts for rental (under carefully controlled conditions):


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