Space Shuttle High Fidelity Cockpit
  • A detailed exhibit of the Space Shuttle forward flight deck.
  • References several hundred actual Space Shuttle blueprints to capture every authentic detail. (See more about our approach to creating exhibits with unprecedented realism and historical accuracy.)
  • Depicts the Space Shuttle panels with  mechanical gauges, before they were  upgraded to digital displays (the upgraded panels could also be depicted).
  • Three sets of views below compare our Space Shuttle Flight Station exhibit at right with the NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour. Click on the images for a detailed view.
The Space Shuttle
The Space Shuttle The Space Shuttle
NASA Left View
HSS Left View
NASA Forward View
HSS Forward View
HSS Overhead View
NASA Overhead View

Endeavour photographs by NASA.

The Endeavour panel photos  include preflight guards and covers over some controls.

The exhibit depicts the Space Shuttle Endeavour with the controls and displays as they might appear 25 minutes after launch.

For more photos and information about the Space Shuttle Flight Station exhibit:

Rotating Picture

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