Information Kits

On this page:   Important Notes

  • Detailed information on the configuration of a given spacecraft.
  • Suitable for most educators, students, and hobbyists to fabricate mockups using their own materials and methods.
  • All information is based on actual spacecraft documentation.

Please note:

The plots in the Information Kits are custom plotted typically on translucent polyester film using a photo quality plotter, the Hewlett Packard DesignJet Z2100.

To minimize fading of the plots, limit ultraviolet (UV) exposure by storing the plots away from sun light, spraying a UV inhibiting coating over the plots, or covering the plots with UV blocking plastic.

Under normal conditions black or gray areas on the plots (the majority of the plotted area in the panel kits) will not fade even after 10 years. And with UV protection the color areas will last several years.

Two types of kits may be available:

  • Scaled drawings of cabin layouts.
  • Full-size plots of the major control panels. (Scans of handbook illustrations may also be offered.)

The cost of each kit varies depending on the spacecraft. Shipping costs are not included. “Rush Orders” (needed in 5 business days or less) will be charged an additional 50% (see How To Order).

    The quality of the Space Shuttle Information Kit far exceeded our expectations. The plots are so realistic that I feel I could fly the real shuttle and know where everything is!

- Sandt Michener, Christa McAuliffe Planetarium

    Got the full-size Apollo CSM instrument panel prints today.  Just plain fantastic!

- Lee Feliu, Space hobbyist, Trumbull, CT

Each Information Kit is custom prepared after the order is placed. Please allow about a week for preparation. Rush orders will be charged extra.

Historic Space Systems reserves the right to restrict the thoroughness of the information in these kits in order to maintain a competitive position in the exhibit marketplace. Specific omissions have been noted on the detail pages.

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