How To Order

For convenience you can use the Shopping Cart to order. Each page has Shopping Cart buttons you can click to order the item. This uses PayPal to process your order and payment.

If you prefer to order without using PayPal you may pay by check (in US funds from a US bank), money order, international money order, or wire transfer.

If you do not use PayPal please Contact Us about exact shipping cost, usually $4-$20.

IF YOU ARE NOT USING PAYPAL, please send the payment with the following:



Item and quantity

e-mail address or telephone number (in case there are questions)

Send to:

Historic Space Systems

12950 Tiger Valley Road

Danville, OH 43014 USA

Please allow a week or more for printing the order.


We will accommodate requests for rush orders when possible. Please Contact Us before making a “Rush Order” to confirm our ability to meet your schedule. Because of the impact on our schedule we must charge extra for this service.

<5 days:  +50%

For any order which must be shipped 5 business days or less from the time the order is placed, 50% will be added to the cost.


When ordering items for shipment to addresses outside the United States, please add the International Shipping charges to the cart. This should be done for each item ordered.

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