Space Shuttle Full Scale Forward Panels Kit

Create your own mission to the Space Station with these Space Shuttle Endeavour forward flight deck display and control panel plots.

Illustrates all of the switches, gauges, guards, screws, fire ports (red circles) and other panel features in color. Made from CAD drawings based on the actual blueprints.

Includes panels F2, F4, F5-F9, L1, L2,   L4, C2, C3, R1, R2, R4, O1-O3, O5-O9, O13-O17, and the Head Up Displays (HUD).

24 sheets each about 18" x 30" or more.

Note: Markings added to the actual panel, and mounting hardware detaiils, have been omitted from these illustrations.

Space Shuttle Forward Flight Deck Control Panel Information Kit contents (if the images do not appear go here):

Rotating Picture

Sample scans of actual plots (not to scale):

Price: US$ 795

International Shipping (Add): US$ 25

Rush Order Price: US$ 1192

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