Apollo CSM J-Mission Configuration Illustrations

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This Information Kit illustrates many detailed cutaway views of the advanced lunar exploration Apollo spacecraft. Known as the J-mission configuration (from an early mission planning outline), it included instruments in the Service Module for scientific study of the moon and its environment. The J-mission flights were Apollo 15, 16 and 17.

The first sheet shows the full stack in launch configuration with the Launch Escape System, Command Service Module, Saturn Launch Adapter, and Lunar Module. Details of the Service Module are illustrated, as well as an illustration of the Command Service Module/Lunar Module docking orientation.

The second sheet details the Command Module interior with many features identified.

The third sheet concentrates on the Service Module Scientific Instrument Module (SIM) configuration, including detailed illustrations of several instruments.

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Sample scan of actual plot, scanned at 100% (click for full size view):

The illustrations are taken from a scanned North American Aviation drawing prepared by the Axonometric Design department. Each sheet is about 18” x 36”.

(In axonometric drawings vertical and horizontal, or on-axis, distances are  to scale. Curved and diagonal lines are distorted.)

The original drawing labels are simplified with the removal of drawing reference numbers. Some highly detailed “plumbing” views have been omitted, and other views have been re-positioned to fit on the sheets.

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