ECS Control Lever
  • Lever assembly used with the Gemini Environmental Control System (ECS).
  • Used for remotely controlling a valve by moving a wire cable connected to the assembly.
  • The wire cable rested in the groove at one end of the control body, and terminated at the lug on the other end of the control body.
  • The control body is machined from 2024 aluminum. The handle is made of titanium.
  • NASA photo of Gemini X shows the ECS control levers quadrant at the top of the center console.
  • This assembly is a very early version of the Cabin Air Recirculation lever (at left in the NASA photo). The control body was redesigned to work with gears to reverse the action of the lever. But this type of control body was still used in two other ECS control levers.
  • Previously installed in a Gemini simulator using flight components, then removed when the newer design was installed.
  • The edges on the front half of the control body were filed by hand with the addition of a requirement to fillet the edges to prevent damage to the astronaut’s space suit glove.

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