FS: Gemini Handle - Gemini 8 through 12
  • Gemini attitude control handle model, mounted on a beautiful 5” x 7” solid walnut base.
  • Includes the type of microphone switch housing as used in the latter part of the Gemini Program, Spacecraft 8 through 12.
  • The T-shaped handle top was an innovation requested by Tom Stafford, Gemini 9 command pilot, to reduce fatigue when twisting the handle for yaw left/right.
  • NASA photo at right shows the attitude control handle in the Gemini 12 spacecraft.
  • Laser-etched brass plate describes the handle, with room below for autographs or a presentation plate.
  • Based on actual Gemini blueprints, such as the Gemini engineering drawing below.
  • Also see the early Gemini control handle.


Select the handle with the grip facing forward (as with the Apollo handle), or...


... select the handle with the buttons facing forward.

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Price: Contact Us for availability


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