For Sale: Skylab Urine Cuff & Drawing

Shown in frame for reference only. Kit does not include frame.

Do it Yourself Kit (NO FRAME):

Price: US$ 138

International Shipping (Add): US$ 14

“Do it yourself” kit

Includes the urine cuff artifact vacuum sealed in its foiled wrapper, a display box, and the drawing (rolled in a tube). (See below.)

Supply your own 11” x 17” frame, drawing backing, and plastic or glass cover. Leave the urine cuff in its package, or open it and carefully unroll the tightly packed cuff.

You get all the artistic control, and save on framing and shipping.


Part of the answer to the question, “How do you go to the bathroom in space?”

  • This artifact is a backup urine cuff from the Skylab program. It is designed to be worn by the astronaut for urinating. The primary method used a receiver with airflow. The backup method used this type of cuff without airflow. This artifact is not flown, but is a flight ready spare.
  • One end of the adapter is threaded for attachment to a hose for collection. The other end of the adapter has a cuff for fitting to the astronaut. Only male astronauts flew on US manned spacecraft in the 1970's, so there was no need to accomodate female astronauts.
  • Includes a reduced 11” x 17” copy of the engineering drawing for the assembly (see detail). Originated by McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company on 31 August 1971, it details the assembly and describes how it should be packaged.
  • The drawing is printed on plain paper. The adapter and its package may be displayed within a plastic Pro-Mold case. (A vent hole should be drilled in the Pro-Mold case to allow the artifact to “breathe.”)
  • It is rare to find an artifact of such a personal nature. Even more rare is the drawing showing the design of the part. Get both of these, ready for your display. This would make the perfect gift for the person who thought they had everything!
  • Skylab was an earth orbiting space station which was manned by three astronauts at a time, for three periods totaling 6 months in 1973. Astronauts on Skylab conducted earth observation experiments, solar observations, and tested equipment for future manned space flights.
  • This item came from the Charles Bell estate. Bell was a NASA employee at the Kennedy Space Center and a lifelong collector of space artifacts.

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