For Sale: FLOWN Urine Collection Device
  • Space Shuttle Urine Collection Device (UCD) to be worn by a crew member under the space suit during extravehicular activity (EVA), or space walks.
  • FLOWN on STS-74 in November, 1995, the second Shuttle-Mir docking mission.
  • Consists of a bladder pouch with Velcro and elastic connecting straps, and a port to mount an adapter that attaches to the crew member. (The adapter is not included with the artifact.)
  • Designed to be disposed of after one use.
  • Sealed in original bag.
  • Notation on tag, “POST STS-74 INSP” indicates the UCD was removed from the Space Shuttle during the post flight inspection after the STS-74 mission.
  • See similar UCD in our collection, removed from the bag.
  • Made by ILC Space Systems, makers of the Space Shuttle space suits.
  • This item was surplus from NASA.



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