For Sale: Electrical Umbilical "L" Used In Training
  • Electrical Umbilical used extensively in training, marked with “L” for the Left astronaut (Commander).
  • Often called “cobra cable,” it connected the astronaut’s headset and bio belt to the spacecraft.
  • For reference, see the Electrical Umbilical in the artifact collection.
  • Includes a Beta cloth protective cover for ground testing, which fits this cable but is from later in the Apollo program. The cover is labeled "C" for Center, with part number V36-715104-101, serial number AAH7972 HRE.
  • Umbilical cable is part number V36-715101-11 and serial number 06362 AAG8749. (The -51 cable of this type flew on Apollo 7.)

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  • The early design of these cables used white rubber, probably covered with Beta cloth. Later, black Viton high temperature rubber was used.
  • Electrical umbilical used extensively in training. Note the pristine appearance of the connector marked "P2" (which connects to the wall of the CM), and the heavily worn opposite end (handled by many astronauts in training).
  • This item came from the Charles Bell estate. Bell was a NASA employee at the Kennedy Space Center and a lifelong collector of space artifacts.






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