FS: Shuttle Shade Retainer - No Label

Price: US$ 130-140 Each

  • Window shade retainer for the forward flight deck windows of the Space Shuttle as used in the early flights.
  • Obvious signs of use. Same as the flight items but presumed to be from a trainer and not flown.
  • Consists of a hinged assembly with a web fabric pull tab, edging, and Velcro.
  • Retaining feature used Velcro hook and pile strips with adhesive backing. But adhesive has failed over time, with the Velcro strips now mated. (The Velcro strips on No. 3 have come off. Others will eventually come off as well.)
  • These items came from the Charles Bell estate. Bell was a NASA employee at the Kennedy Space Center and a lifelong collector of space artifacts.

Retainer 1 bears scrape marks from its removal by NASA:


STS-3 on-orbit view of window retainers (NASA photo):


Iconic flight deck photo of Sally Ride includes two window shade retainers (NASA photo):


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