For Sale: O2 Umbilical Cover (Ground Testing)
  • Beta cloth protective cover for the astronaut’s oxygen umbilical.
  • Covers the actual flight oxygen umbilical during ground tests.
  • Label in large print instructs “REMOVE COVER PRIOR TO FLIGHT.”
  • Splits into two smaller sleeves for the hose connections to the suit. These are labeled "LL" which was a designation used for the Skylab rescue mission configuration of the Command Module, for use by the crewman at the "Lower Left" position.
  • Snaps on the outside of the cover would retain the electrical umbilical ("cobra cable").
  • Soiled in some areas.
  • Identical to the cover that would have been used for the commander.

Price: US$ SOLD

  • This item came from the Charles Bell estate. Bell was a NASA employee at the Kennedy Space Center and a lifelong collector of space artifacts.






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