For Sale: Lunar Sample Pouch

Price: US$ SOLD

  • Teflon pouch for collection of a lunar sample.
  • Part number M11329-EK-006-D is nearly the same as the part number shown on the Apollo 11 stowage list, M11329-EK-004-D-04, for “Container, Contingency Lunar Sample Return - Soft.” (See page 52 of the linked pdf.)
  • Based on the dash number, -006 compared to -004, perhaps this pouch is larger than the pouch used on the Apollo lunar missions.
  • Pouch has one snap closure.
  • Enclosed in a sealed bag.
  • See the tag identifying the pouch. A high resolution scan is available for printing.
  • This item came from the Charles Bell estate. Bell was a NASA employee at the Kennedy Space Center and a lifelong collector of space artifacts.

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