For Sale: GSE Float Valve

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  • Heavy duty float valve made by North American Aviation (NAA) for Apollo Ground Support Equipment (GSE) requirements.
  • NAA part number G16-848706, serial number UCA4550. (The "G16" indicates an Apollo ground support item, while a "V" would indicate a vehicle part.)
  • The part history is described in the Parts Replacement Request included with the part. Although difficult to read in some areas, it clearly explains that the "ball valve failed to seat when water tank emptied." So it had been used while testing Apollo hardware. The part was then checked and cleaned for future use. Original quality control stamps follow each entry in the list of operations performed on the part. Dates on the form range from 3-9-67 to 4-11-67.
  • Packaged in sealed double plastic bags.
  • The ball is about 3" in diameter and slides freely on its mount within the bags.
  • This item was surplus from a NASA Apollo contractor.

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