For Sale: FLOWN Water Solenoid Valve
  • Water solenoid valve, flown on the first Space Shuttle mission, STS-1.
  • A solenoid valve operates when current is applied to a coil of wire in the valve.
  • Photos show the 4 remaining valves available at time of listing. The cart buttons at right will indicate which items are currently available.
  • Material Requisition/Transfer Order below indicates the artifact part and serial numbers, and the remark: “STS-1 FLT ARTIFACTS...,” indicating that these valves flew on STS-1. (Use the enlarged image as your record of flown status.)
  • Click on photos for enlarged views.
  • Similar solenoid water valves, not flown, are also available.
  • The S/N 3 valve has a coating of silicon, which can be easily wiped off if desired.
  • Obtained as surplus from a Space Shuttle contractor.

S/N 3: Sold

S/N 4: Sold

S/N 9: Price: Sold

S/N 15: Price: Sold


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