For Sale: Apollo Command Module Insulation
  • Insulation assemblies for the Apollo Command Module.
  • Each piece was hand made - no two are identical. New old stock (NOS).
  • Associated tag (not included) dated August 29, 1969, lists part number as V36-327710-901.
  • North American Aviation drawing, “Insulation Installation - Ballast, Aft Heat Shield” shows where these insulation assemblies would be installed.
  • Installed over ballast around the perimeter of the base of the Command Module. (Ballast was used to precisely adjust the center of gravity of the structure.)
  • Consists of “40 layers of .15 mil crinkled aluminized mylar, encased in .5 mil aluminized ‘H’ film. Aluminized side of Mylar and ‘H’ film to face away from V36-327701 ballast.”
  • These items were originally surplus from a NASA contractor.

Price for A: US$ 59

Price for B: SOLD

Prices include worldwide mailing in standard envelope. (For up to 2 in an envelope, not necessary to declare value to customs.)



Above, insulation assemblies shown with side that would face toward the ballast. Two shapes are available (A and B). “A” is about 6” x 3”. “B” is about 6” x 2”. While all of the parts are similar, each piece was hand made and is unique. Also some of the “B” assemblies are as shown, and others are mirror or opposite of the part shown.



Above, a cut through an insulation assembly reveals the layers of aluminized mylar.


Above, North American Aviation drawing shows the ballast locations (enlarged view). Each location would have these types of insulation installed. Below, a detail showing the callout of View A-A.



Above, View A-A (a side view) details the location of the insulation assemblies, at the outer edge of the aft heat shield (enlarged view). The curvature of the aft heat shield is evident. In the top view, blue color has been added to highlight a typical “A” insulation assembly. Yellow shows a “B” assembly.

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