Gemini Shingle (Outer Skin)
  • Digital models of some of the shingles forming the outside surface or skin of the Gemini spacecraft.
  • Modeled from the actual McDonnell Aircraft engineering drawings.
  • Top photo shows the shingles forming the window scoop area in front of the hatches. Compare with the NASA photo of Gemini XI during pre-flight activities.
  • More photos below.
  • The shingles had a beaded (corrugated) surface that stiffened the 0.016” thick metal skin.
  • Large mounting holes allowed for thermal expansion of the shingles while in flight.
  • All of the shingles had similar bead arrangements with variations in size,  length, spacing, and curvature, making each individual shingle unique.
  • Also see the Gemini hatch shingles.

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