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Special! Free Space Shuttle Part with Most Orders!

Order any artifact on this page and get this Space Shuttle rubber sleeve free (not included with MCC monitors, mousepads, or switch guards):

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Last updated on  9/17/2021

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Space Collectibles

Both the Gemini and Apollo Control handles arrived yesterday and they look great! Thanks for a wonderful product. - Jim Martin, space collector

Gemini 3-7 Control Handle Model

Contact Us


Gemini 8-12 Control Handle Model

Contact Us


Apollo CM Control Handle Model

Price: US$ 169



Apollo LM Control Handle Model

Price: US$ 169


See a discussion about this LM Control Handle Model on collectSpace.

Apollo FDAI Mousepad (Full Size)

Price: US$ 10




Apollo CM & LM

Lithium Hydroxide Canister Used in Spacecraft Testing


US$ 9,400


LM Explosive Device Simulator Bracket

Price: US$ 24

Lithium Hydroxide Canister in A+ Condition

Price: US$ SOLD



Apollo Command Module Insulation (see installation drawing)

Price: US$ SOLD



3 Phase Circuit Breaker

Price: US$ SOLD


LM Modified Toggle Switch

Price: US$ SOLD

Apollo Simulator Gauge

Price: US$ SOLD


Apollo CM Simulator SPS Valve Position Indicator

Price: US$ 490

Apollo-Saturn LH2 Controller

Price: US$ SOLD



Apollo Fan Closure

Price: US$ SOLD


Electrical Umbilical Beta Cloth Cover

Price: US$ SOLD



LM Explosive Nut Spring

Price: US$ SOLD


LM Window Shade Tab

Price: US$ 690


GSE ‘AN’ Type Fitting

Price: US$ SOLD

LM Cast ECS Control Knob

Price: US$ 185



LM Console Small Angle

Price: US$ SOLD


Urine Cuff Framed with Drawing

Price: US$ 138 or 265



The Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle Simulator Avionics (US sales only)


Space Shuttle Simulator AVVI

Price: SOLD

(US sales only)



Space Shuttle Flight Deck Window Shade Retainers:

With Labels

Without Labels

Price: US$ 130-170


Switch Guard Copy

Price: US$9


Space Shuttle Ribbed Rubber Sleeve

Price: US$ 22

Mission Control Monitor

Price: See details


Electrical Receptacle

(NEW 2015)

Price: US$ 50

Payload Latch Spring, New in Package

Price: US$ 10


Connector Adapter

(NEW 2015)

Price: US$ 45

Thumbwheel Switch

Price: US$ 275-375



Payload Latch Retainer Plate

Price: US$ 13

Conical Sleeves (Plumbing)

Price: US$ 12


Payload Bay Pan

Price: US$ SOLD

FLOWN Women’s Button-down Tank Top

(NEW 2015)

Price: US$ SOLD



9 Volt Battery Clip Array (Small)

(NEW 2015)

Price: US$ 37


Controller Dust Boot

(NEW 2015)

Price: US$ 34



Remote Power Controller

(NEW 2015)

Price: US$ 195


Breakout Box, used in testing the MMU

Price: SOLD



Breakout Box, used in testing the MMU

Price: US$ 149


Breakout Box, used in testing the MMU

Price: SOLD





Electrical Connector and Package

Price: US$ SOLD




Other types of switch guards available

In-flight photos by NASA


High quality industrial surplus parts

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