For Sale: Switch Guard
  • Space Shuttle toggle switch guard reproduction.
  • Precisely machined aluminum, anodized for long life and realistic look.
  • Real guard, at left in photos, is cast titanium.
  • Fully functional for use on your control panel.
  • Beautifully made by using an actual Space Shuttle engineering drawing supplied by Historic Space Systems.

Price: US$14

Please note: Free parts that are included with artifacts are not included with switch guard sales.

  • The only visible difference between this guard and the Space Shuttle guard is the alignment bump on the bottom. But the reproduction can be mounted with a keyway washer to keep the guard aligned with the switch and panel.
  • You may notice that the raised tabs above and below the switch hole are slightly shorter than on the real guard. This matches real guards made for use on Space Shuttle panels without illuminated overlay panels.
  • Note that the real Space Shuttle switch guard shown at left in each photo is not included.
  • Also see other similar switch guards, including Orion spacecraft OEM guards:
toggle_switch_guards_150 Orion_spacecraft_switch_guards_150

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