FS_ Shuttle Sim AVVI Indicator
  • Altitude Vertical Velocity Indicator (AVVI) artifact as-removed from a high fidelity Space Shuttle simulator.
  • Displays altitude and altitude rate of the shuttle.
  • Includes United Space Alliance (USA) inventory and identification tags on front (contractor for Space Shuttle support).
  • Includes the NASA disposition sticker on the glass. (This can be removed using rubbing alcohol, although the sticker is destroyed in the process.)
  • Sold as-is and as a collectible; may or may not be suitable for simulator use.
  • See related artifacts for more information.
  • The inside of this unit would be similar to the inside of the AVVI unit in our display collection.
  • Please note that this unit will be shipped from the Denver, Colorado area separate from any other items ordered. UPS standard shipping is included. (The free air duct sleeve will not be included.)
  • Extremely rare Space Shuttle Program artifact.
  • Obtained as surplus from NASA.
  • Due to government export restrictions, this item may be sold only within the United States.

Price: SOLD


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