Mercury Flight Simulator Concept

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Historic Space Systems introduces a new simulator concept: the wheel chair accessible Mercury Flight Simulator.

Mercury was the first US manned spacecraft. Piloted by one astronaut, it pioneered space exploration in a series of six daring flights.

  • Your visitor, alone in the spacecraft, experiences the challenge and adventure of a Mercury flight.
  • Cramped entry and contoured seat help your visitor appreciate the confines of this craft.
  • Sized the same as the actual spacecraft using actual Mercury blueprints.
  • Once inside, your visitor is briefed on the Mercury program and the task they must perform.
  • Large LCD screens display gauges and periscope view, as well as exterior and window views.
  • The suggested scenario is retrofire. Your visitor needs to maneuver the Mercury to the right attitude and fire the retro rockets at the correct time. The simulator will then show them the results of their actions.
  • Seat section rotates out for wheel chair access.

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