Custom Cockpits
  • Unusual situations require unique solutions. Historic Space Systems can adapt actual cockpit designs to fit particular needs.
  • Escape Hunt Houston wanted accurate Apollo cockpits for their Apollo 13 Houston, We’ve Had a Problem experience. But the cockpits had to fit into small rooms and allow for Game Maker access.
  • Historic Space Systems worked with Escape Hunt Houston to design control panels and cockpits that met their requirements while still looking like the real thing.
  • All photos by Ben Doyle courtesy of Escape Hunt Houston.


Apollo cockpit for Escape Hunt Houston, with control panel modifications which allow players to solve challenging puzzles. Apollo checklists were used to identify proper switch positions to be used in the puzzles. Couch assembly is from a passenger aircraft.



Apollo Lunar Module cockpit for Escape Hunt Houston simplifies the details found in the Lunar Landing Simulator cockpit. Hatch below the panel connects through a tunnel to the Command Module.



Game Makers need to access the Lunar Module cockpit to reset the game for the next players. The side of the cockpit swings open to allow access.

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