Space1der Children's Activity Panel
  • Space1der - Space exploration themed activity panel for young children (“space wonder”).
  • Eye-catching graphics with lots of creative opportunities for young imaginations.
  • Three activity areas encompass getting a rocket ready for launch, selecting a destination, and counting down to launch.
  • Ideal for museums seeking a sturdy and simple interactive experience panel for their youngest visitors.
  • Sturdy construction using industrial grade components.
  • Photo shows a custom panel design. Please Contact Us for possible updates to the panel design.
  • Watch a video of the panel in action.

Activity Area: Prepare For Launch

  • Children adjust three sliders to change the color of an illuminated rocket silhouette.
  • Sliders control red, green and blue LED’s behind the rocket graphic, coloring the rocket with an infinite mix of bright colors.
  • Custom slider knobs sized for small fingers.
  • Sturdy bearing tracks guide the slider knobs, which control membrane variable resistors rated for millions of operations.

Activity Area: Destination

  • Children rotate a playground-style wheel to select one of six destinations for their space journey.
  • Wheel has no cutouts so little hands won’t get caught.
  • Destination images are printed graphics on a large disk. The images are displayed in an illuminated window, with gentle detents for each image.
  • Images include the moon, International Space Station, an asteroid, a galaxy, Saturn, and Mars.
  • One-half inch steel shaft and sleeve bearing ensure smooth operation.

Activity Area: Countdown

  • Children push round buttons to count down for their launch.
  • The numbers they push are displayed on a multi-colored LED matrix. “BLAST OFF” displays rows of lights rising in the viewing window.
  • When there is no activity, the LED matrix displays a “bouncing ball,” drawing attention to the activity panel.

Space1der Children’s Activity Panel Video:


Please note that due to video exposure and display limitations the video does not capture the full range of saturated colors seen in the rocket silhouette.

Specifications and design details subject to change as the design is improved to meet the needs of other museums.

Designed in cooperation with Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

 © 1998-2015 Historic Space Systems at

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