Info Sheet

Info Sheet is a series of data sheets published on occasion by Historic Space Systems, edited by John Fongheiser, President.

Subjects include technical information on Mercury, Gemini,  Apollo, Skylab, Space Shuttle, and International Space Station vehicles and programs. All information is based on scholarly research of original sources.

Info Sheet data sheets, typically two pages in length with photographs and illustrations, are available on line in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Issues avialable:

Gemini-B, NASA Gemini's Air Force Twin, a description of the modified Gemini spacecraft that was to be flown by the Air Force in the late 1960's (388K)

Apollo Hatch Redesign, a Matter of Urgency, describes the changes in the Apollo spacecraft hatch design resulting from the Apollo 1 fire. (170K)

Apollo 15 - The Case of the Missing Control Panels, investigates the mystery of what has happened to some historic flown Apollo hardware. (1.5M, 4 pages color)

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