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Since 1990 Mr. Fongheiser has developed an expertise in the design and development of US manned spacecraft. He has assembled a vast database of engineering data detailing every spacecraft from Mercury through Space Shuttle. This database, combined with advanced design and fabrication tools, enables him to create the most realistic and historically accurate spacecraft exhibits and simulations available.

Mr. Fongheiser has a BS degree in electronic technology from the University of Akron. Beginning in 1980 he worked for 10 years as a systems engineer and intelligence analysis engineer for GTE Government Systems in Mountain View, California. His duties included developing and documenting operational plans for a high priority real time collection system with operator interaction, specifying the software and hardware procedures. He also managed up to $500K contracts for system upgrades, tested subsystem units, designed system and unit modifications, and installed system upgrades at an overseas communications site.

While at GTE Mr. Fongheiser earned an Exceptional Performance Award, for system operational plan development.

Mr. Fongheiser is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), an international association of aerospace professionals. He serves on the AIAA History Technical Committee, addressing the problems associated with preserving the technical history of aerospace progress.

John Fongheiser, president of Historic Space Systems, sits in the Space Shuttle Crew Compartment Trainer at Johnson Space Center in 2001. He wears a flight suit flown on an early shuttle mission.


John Fongheiser inspects the Gemini XII spacecraft during its restoration at Kansas Cosmosphere in 2006.


While in college in 1976, John Fongheiser viewed progress on the new Space Shuttle design at Johnson Space Center.

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