Lunar Landing Simulation Software
  • New lunar landing simulation software by Historic Space Systems for the Apollo Lunar Landing Simulator is nearing completion.
  • Image shows progress on the depiction of the scene through the commander’s triangular-shaped window.
  • The view is optimized for the monitor placed outside the window of the Lunar Landing Simulator enclosure.
  • The top part of the scene is a bird’s eye view of the descending Lunar Module.
  • In the window scene, note the thrusters to the left, the window reference markings, and the gold-colored forward landing gear pad visible in the bottom corner.
  • The scene depicts the landing site of Apollo 15 in the Hadley-Appenine region of the moon.
  • The software can also readily be adapted for simulating NASA’s future Altair missions to the moon.
  • Suitable for museums and similar venues.

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