Space Shuttle Nose Cap Peripheral Tile Support
  • Aluminum angles that support high temperature tiles around the edge of the Space Shuttle nose cap.
  • Artifacts are different versions of the same assembly.
  • Insulation, filler pad and adhesive still attached.
  • Insulation is scorched in some areas from reentry heating.
  • Although not so documented, these items are certainly flown.
  • Tiles would be bonded to the green colored, riveted aluminum surface using red Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) rubber. Remnants of the RTV can be seen on the outer surfaces.
  • NASA photo below shows the nose area where these would be installed.

TBD lbs. (TBD kg)

  • NASA photo (enlarged view) of the nose area of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, with nose cap removed. Several tiles and lower peripheral tile supports are also removed.
  • The artifacts are similar to the peripheral tile supports shown in the photo (with white insulation pieces).
  • The artifacts would mount at bottom center, on the surface shown with a blue arrow.
  • Note worker at right for scale.

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